• Shipwreck Beach Zakynthos

    A Mini-Workation for Seven Days in Zakynthos, Greece

    If you’re a long time follower of our travel blog, you know that we often visit to Greece, in order to maintain our frequent traveler status with Aegean Air. We try to make it an annual thing, but of course the Coronavirus had kept us away for two years … so we’ve been desperately looking…

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  • Πέτρινη Γέφυρα της Μονής Καθολικού

    Hiking on Crete: From Stavros to the Katholiko Beach

    Two years ago, we spent about a month living in Stavros, a small town along the northern coast of Crete, not far from Chania. While there, we embarked on an excellent hike which leads from the town to the Katholiko beach, along a gorgeous, rocky path.

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  • Kalymnos Death Hike

    An Unexpectedly Dangerous Hike around Telendos

    Over the years, we’ve gotten ourselves into many challenging hiking situations, from the Hengill Death Hike in Iceland, to the Leech Attack in Sri Lanka. And thanks to Telendos Island, we have a new one to add to our list of stupidly dangerous hikes. After so many years of travel, you’d think we might be…

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  • 20 Kalymnos Rock Climbing DSC07078

    Climbing at the Island of Telendos

    Kalymnos is a mountain-climber’s paradise, and the heart of the scene is found in the villages lined up on the island’s west coast: Myrties, Masouri and Armeos. Within easy walking distance of these towns is a wealth of over twenty crags, with literally thousands of routes, which a climber could spend a lifetime discovering. It’s…

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  • Kalymnos

    A Long Weekend on Kalymnos

    Shortly after we moved into our new home in quiet Stavros, we took a long weekend trip to Kalymnos: a small island near Kos. With an abundance of sheer vertical walls, Kalymnos is a climber’s paradise, and we happened to have a mountain climbing friend who would be there on 40th birthday. Considering how close…

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  • Lera Cave Stavros

    Lera Cave on the Vardies Mountain

    On our first night in Stavros, while relaxing on the terrace of our house, we noticed a little light halfway up the slope of the imposing Vardies Mountain. The next day, we’d learn that this is the location of a cave church, and that there’s a short, steep path which leads to it. We decided…

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  • Puzzle-Stravros

    Stavros: An Unlikely Hollywood Set

    After a month spent in the relentless chaos of Chania, we were greatly looking forward to the following month. Stavros would be our haven of peace, nature and tranquility. This ultra-quiet smattering of houses along the coast of the Akrotiri Peninsula barely qualifies as a “town”, and is just half an hour away from Chania.…

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  • Seitan Limania beach

    Seitan Limania Beach near Chania

    Not far from Chania, on the eastern side of the Akrotiri Peninsula, you’ll find one of the strangest beaches on Crete. Seitan Limania is a small, sandy beach, emerging from a canyon shaped like a lightning bolt, out into the open sea. This isn’t the kind of beach you can get to easily; with no…

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  • Goodbye Chania

    Time to Say Goodbye to Chania … and Hello to Stavros!

    After one month of living in the heart of the old town, it was time to say goodbye to Chania. We’d had a decent time, and the city is gorgeous, but our spirits were no match for the endless stream of tourists, the ceaseless noise, and the touts who never, ever, stopped trying to convince…

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  • Mountain Rain Crete

    A Rainy Road-Trip Up Into The Mountains Near Chania

    Having planned a weekend road trip in the mountains for some time, we were disappointed to wake up and learn that heavy rain was expected for the day. Our rental car was already booked, and we couldn’t cancel our plans, if we didn’t want to lose the deposit. So we decided to embrace the misery.…

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