Lera Cave Stavros

Lera Cave on the Vardies Mountain

On our first night in Stavros, while relaxing on the terrace of our house, we noticed a little light halfway up the slope of the imposing Vardies Mountain. The next day, we’d learn that this is the location of a cave church, and that there’s a short, steep path which leads to it. We decided to check it out that very same day.

01 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06629

The path to the cave is easy to spot, and more or less a straight shot, from sea level directly up to the cave. It looks daunting, but when we saw a young woman trail-running along the path, we reasoned that it couldn’t be so hard. After all, if she was jogging up the hill, we could certainly walk. Well, it turns out that woman must have been a cyborg, because this trail was exhausting. It took us at least 30 minutes, and by the time we finally arrived at the cave, the sun was nearly setting.


The view from the cave is beautiful, of course, but that’s not the first thing you’re going to notice. No, the first thing is all the goat poop. Because the cave offers the only shelter on the mountain, it’s where goats gather during cold, rainy nights… and rain apparently makes goats poop. It would be literally impossible to walk into this cave without stepping in excrement, but luckily, it’s all pretty solid and turf-like. The kind of poop that’s fun to step in.

02 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06621

Eventually, we managed to turn our attention toward the view. Little Stavros lay beneath us, framed by the outline of the cave, with the sun setting over the sea. The view stretches far down the coast, toward Chania, and is absolutely gorgeous. Which is good, since it’s the only reason to come up here. This isn’t a cave fit for exploration; you can’t get too far, and the darker corners are guarded by millions of tiny flies.

03 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06620

If you’re not done exploring, you can also follow a short path along the bottom of the mountain, to the coast and around the other side of the cliffs. This is nice, too, though less spectacular.

More Photos And A Video Of the Stavros Cave

Lera Cave Stavros

05 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06619

06 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06618

07 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06625

08 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06634

09 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06632

10 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06655

11 Lera Cave Stavros DSC06659

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4 responses to “Lera Cave on the Vardies Mountain”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Congrats on climbing and for the post
    Unfortunately it was fenced off when I visited which is a shame.

    1. Juergen Avatar

      Really, I’m sorry to hear! Was there a sign explaining why?

  2. […] hike starts close to the Verdies Mountain, which we wrote about in an earlier post, after climbing to a cave church to gain amazing views over Stavros and its coastline. But for this […]

  3. J Port Avatar
    J Port

    I’m pretty sure the fence is just to keep the goats in that area. It’s easy to open and walk up the trail. That’s how everyone gets there. No fee or anything.

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