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Get to Know us

We’re a married couple from the USA (Mike) and Germany (Jürgen) who have always been addicted to travel. We met in Boston in 1999, immediately recognizing in each other a passion for discovering new places. Ever since, we’ve been exploring the world, learning a lot about new countries and cultures, but also about ourselves and each other.

Our Roots and The Home We Chose

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Mike comes from a small town in northwest Ohio, and we frequently return to the Midwest to see friends and family.

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Jürgen is from Darmstadt, a city south of Frankfurt, known for its scientific institutions and Jugendstil architecture.

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After living in the USA, Germany, and Ireland, we settled down in Spain, choosing this city on the Mediterranean.

The Origin of For 91 Days

How It All Began
Everything Started in 2010

Having relocated from Boston to Berlin, and then to Ireland and finally to Valencia, we were enjoying a long Spanish lunch over a bottle of wine, playing around with the idea of moving yet again. One of us said, “At this point, we should just sell all our stuff and make relocation our permanent lifestyle.” It was a semi-intoxicated joke at the time, but the seed was planted, and eventually we started taking the idea seriously.

Before long, we did sell all our stuff. And since then, we’ve lived a nomadic life, never staying in one spot for more than 91 days … (at least until the pandemic, which sent us scurrying back to Valencia).

Our Travel Philosophy

Why For 91 Days?

We enjoy just about any type of travel. Short city breaks, off-track wilderness adventures, lazy beach-bum weeks of sloth. But what we love most is slow travel, and the opportunity to immerse ourselves completely in a new place.

We are at our happiest when we first arrive in a new home. This is something we learned about ourselves,after having moved to Boston, Berlin, Ireland, and Spain.

Still Alive

We still love our former homes, and of course, a relationship with a place deepens with time… but there’s nothing like those first few months, when everything is brand new and fascinating. 

The concept behind For 91 Days is to pack our lives with as many of those “giddy newcomer” moments as possible. By restricting ourselves to just a few months, we have enough time to become enamored with a place, but not so much that things start becoming stale. As a result, each of the locations we’ve visited feels like a former home, with memories that only can only occur in a place you’ve lived: real friendships; weird experiences that would never be in a guidebook; that amazing viewpoint you return to over and over; and yes, even the sense of exasperation which can set in with a spot you know really well, after the shine has worn off.

And you might be asking yourself, why 91? It’s kind of a strange number. Well, the secret is more geeky than mysterious. Having decided to visit four spots a year, we just divided 365 by 4. (And then rounded down, since “For 91.25 Days” doesn’t sound quite as nice.)