Ever since Jürgen and I began our relationship, relocation has been a central theme of our lives. We met in Boston, lived for a few years in Berlin, spent eighteen months in Western Ireland, and then moved to Spain. It’s some sort of shared mental sickness — as soon as we start to settle down and feel comfortable, we freak out and decide on a radical change of scenery. Individually, we’ve both always been like this. Together, we’re hopeless.

mike juergen

So it felt like a “eureka” moment when we hit upon the idea of For 91 Days… and like most “eureka” moments, it happened over wine. We were at a bar in Valencia, Spain, talking seriously about uprooting ourselves again. But the difficulty was that we loved Valencia, and didn’t want to leave forever. We wanted to live here, but also live in other places. It wasn’t until the third glass that it finally dawned us: we could do exactly that!

There’s nothing holding us back, we realized. We’re both self-employed, with jobs that travel well. We have no kids, nor commitments tying us down. We could totally live in other places and occasionally return to Valencia. Or are we wrong? We should talk about it more… let’s get another glass of wine.

A few weeks later, we had cancelled our rent contract and sold all our possessions. A few irreplaceable things were put into storage. And then, we were off. Every 91 days a new home, a new culture, and a new adventure.

For 91 Days pushes us to really explore our new homes. We try and write 91 articles for each destination, so we have to get out there every day. And it’s fun to share the things we’ve discovered with the world. The blog provides a great platform for Jürgen’s photography, and I enjoy writing about our experiences… it forces me to do research, and pay closer attention to the places we go, than I normally might. And it seems to be a concept which really resonates with people, if the press we’ve received is any indication.

Anything else you want to know about us? If so, get in touch at mail@for91days.com, or using our contact form. We make an effort to answer all the mail we get, and would love to hear from you … whether it’s with a question, suggestion, correction, or just to say hi.