For 91 Days in the International Press

We’ve had the honor to be featured in publications from around the world, including some household names like The New York Times, CNET, and Google. Our style of traveling has resonated with many people, and local publications enjoy getting our take on their cities or countries. Also, many outlets have used our photography and videos in their own advertising and media.

If you or your organization would like to interview us, or use our media content, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

daily mail

Daily Mail

A pair of travellers’ unusual holiday photos have shed light on one of Istanbul’s less well-known sights – its omnipresent street cats.

Cats of Istanbul

Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel

Seit Jahren reist ein deutsch-amerikanisches Paar um die Welt, um immer wieder neue Städte zu erkunden. Die Regel der beiden…

Die Drei-Monats-Nomaden


Google Deutschland asked if they can use the video of Mike interacting with this famous Istanbul ice cream seller.

Google App: Eis

Google Ice Cream

The New York Times

The enduringly inspiring Turkish room of the Chinese Palace in Palermo – Photo Feature.

A Question of Taste

new york times
Die Zeit

Zeit Online

A pair of travellers’ unusual holiday photos have shed light on one of Istanbul’s less well-known sights – its omnipresent street cats.

Zu Besuch bei Nebel und Sturm

Arcade Fire


Arcade fire used some of our drone footage of the casino in Montreal. We’re in the credits!

Money + Love (Official Short Film)

Savannah MOrning News

Travel bloggers spent three months capturing ‘essence’ of Savannah.

They ‘Lived’ Savannah

Savannah Morning News


Deep in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district is a place of wonder and technology, an explosive spectacle of robots, glitz and lasers.

Sensory overload: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

cnet robot restaurant


One of the biggest newspapers in Poland did this full feature article on us.

Read it here


ABC News

Juergen Horn and Mike Powell, two travelers from Germany and the U.S. who move to a new city every 91 days, recently headed to Látrabjarg…

The Most Adorable Bird: The Puffin


Mike Powell, traveler and blogger on the website Yucatan for 91 Days, learned about women wearing Makech beetles…

Would You Wear a Giant LIVE Beetle?


Global news Montreal

World travelers Mike & Jurgen drop by Global News Morning to talk about their world travels and how they spent 91 days in Montreal.


global news


Michael Powell and Juergen Horn travel the world, living in various far-flung locales for just 91 days before moving on. In rural Bolivia…

Bolivia’s Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Bus-Train

daily mail

Daily Mail

Propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or hanging from a cliff face are not what most most would expect when visiting the average art gallery or museum.

Old masters of illusion


Definitivamente representan una nueva clase social pululando cuyo lugar de residencia es el mundo, dedicados a profesiones que les permiten ejercerlas en cualquier lugar con una mínima conexión a internet.

Mike y Jürgen cuenta su tránsito por Valencia

Valencia Plaza

La Repubblica

Senza troppi sforzi potrebbe essere una delle più belle città europee. Ma al posto di focalizzare i suoi problemi, Palermo sembra averli inglobati come parte di sé.

Palermo, affascinante e disgustosa

la repubblica


Wrestling may be “fake” — choreographed, set up, rehearsed, meant as entertainment — but when you watch these Bolivian chotlitas jumping off of the ropes…

Bolivian Female Wrestlers Brawl In Twirling Skirts



Honestly, the closest thing we have to a procedure before travelling is: panic. That’s awful to admit, since we travel so frequently, but we’re both natural born procrastinators, and it’s a bad combination.

Waiting to board with … For 91 Days


Located at the Lotte Department Store in Busan—the second largest city in South Korea—this mesmerizing fountain actually plummets five stories from the ceiling.

World’s Tallest Five-Story Shower Fountain


LA Presse

Passer trois mois dans une ville, puis passer à une autre destination. Voilà le mode de vie des deux hommes derrière le blogue For 91 Days, qui ont choisi la métropole pour leur 16e escapade.


La Presse


They chronicled all the new furry friends they came across in Istanbul, starting a new tumblr called “The Cats of Istanbul”.

RAWR! Turkey’s Wild Felines

Korean Herald

Korean Herald

Usually by the end of our three months, we’re excited to get moving onto the next location. But, we definitely could have used another month in Bolivia

Touring the world’s cities


Wir gehen bewusst anders heran als Leute, die nur Geld verdienen wollen und alles daraufhin optimieren. Uns geht es vor allem ums Reisen.

Mühsam ernährt sich der Kreative



We’re happiest when we’re on the road, exploring new cities and cultures, meeting new people and diving into new adventures.

What 91 Days in Macedonia Looks Like

Sydney Morning Heral

The Sidney Morning Heral

They Featured two of our photos in this article when we explored movie theaters in Buenos Aires.

Now Playing



Parece el sueño de cualquiera, dejando a un lado los mudanzafóbicos. Vivir cada tres meses, o alguno más, en una ciudad distinta. No de España, ni tampoco de Europa… del mundo.

viaje cada 91 díaS

Twisted Sifter

The photo was submitted by Jürgen Horn and Michael Powell, two travelers from Germany and the United States who have been spending 91 days in different cities around the world.


Twisted Sifter

Utrinska na Telma

A 10 minute segment about For 91 Days on the Utrinska na Telma Morning Show.

Macedonia Morning Show

macedonia morning show


This “cultural centre” in Istanbul is called Sintralİstanbul. It was first opened in 1914 as the city’s sole electric power plant, before its current life as Turkey’s Museum of Energy.

A Museum That Looks Like Every First-Person Shooter Game Ever Made

laughing squid

Laughing Squid

At the Trickeye Museum in Busan, South Korea, visitors are invited to pose for photographs in elaborate 3D illusion sets depicting fantasy and risqué scenarios and classic paintings.

Interactive 3D Illusion Photo Museum


Es curioso que personas de otras regiones y países conozcan mejor la Tomatina de Bunyol, o los Sanfermines, que una fiesta tan grande y rica como las Fallas.

No son valencianos y están locos por las Fallas


DArk Roasted Blend

Giant robots dancing to electronic music? Laser shows and flashing LEDs? Lovely, shark-riding ladies fighting killer aliens? Bento boxes?

Totally Over-the-Top!

Dark Roasted Blend
cerno belo


Има нешто посебно во луѓето кои патуваат. Со нив никогаш не е здодевно. Разговорот никогаш не престанува. Ве фасцинираат со своите искуства и доживувања…

Нашата земја на мапата на двајца светски патници!

Sunday Times SriLanka

Sri Lanka Sunday Times

91 days – that’s how much time Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell, ‘born wanderers’ who have their own travel blog, take to discover a new country.

Three-month love affair at every port of call

About Basque Country

En estos momentos están escribiendo sobre Boise e Idaho. No hace falta dar muchas explicaciones sobre la importancia de la presencia vasca allí.


About Basque Country

Touch Istanbul

Jürgen Horn ve Mike Powell, dünyayı dolaşan gezgin ruhlu iki arkadaş. Gittikleri her şehir ya da bölgede üç ay kalarak yeni bir kültür keşfeden ikili.

İstanbul’da 91 GüN

touch istanbul
chosun media


They chose Korea’s southern port city of Busan as their seventh destination after Oviedo, Spain; Savannah, the U.S.; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bolivia; Palermo, Italy, and Sri Lanka.

Globe-Hopping Nomads Won Over by Busan’s Charms

dulich vietnam

Dulich Vietnam

Suốt 8 năm qua, trang blog là ngôi nhà “cố định” nhất của Michael Powell và Jürgen Horn. Bởi suốt thời gian đó, hai người đã đi vòng quanh thế giới, mỗi nơi ở lại 91 ngày.

cặp đôi sống du mục mỗi nước 91 ngày

Class Adventure

Dedicated to their love of travel, they decided to make a life of it, deep diving into a new culture every 90 days. So far, they have been to cities within…


Class Adventure Travel