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Are 91 days enough to thoroughly explore an entire country? How about half of one? Professional travelers Michael and Jürgen spent three months in the northern half of Vietnam, visiting cities, parks, villages, and some of the most bizarre and beautiful nature the world has to offer. This book follows their adventures, from a late-night departure out of Saigon on the “Reunification Express” train, through cities like Hue and Hoi An, and into the bustling capital city of Hanoi.

From famous sights like Ha Long and Phong Nha, to more obscure locations like Ha Giang and Pu Luong, Michael and Jürgen tried to experienced as much as possible, and every day brought with it a new adventure. Packed full of anecdotes and honest, practical advice, as well as over 280 beautiful full-color photographs, For 91 Days in Hanoi is a must for anyone traveling to this amazing corner of the world.

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The travel ebook “91 Days in Hanoi” is a must-have for anyone traveling to the north of Vietnam. With a focus on culture, people, food, and nature.

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