• Valencia Post Office

    Valencia Photos … From a Different Perspective

    The hard Spanish lockdown of 2020, when residents weren’t allowed to leave their houses except for grocery shopping, was not something I’d like to repeat any time soon. But it was an interesting time in our lives — Mike and I are accustomed to floating all over the world, and so being confined to our…

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  • Why Visit Valencia?

    Valencia’s New Plaza del Ayuntamiento

    The timing to turn the Plaza del Ayuntamiento into a pedestrian zone couldn’t have been better. They couldn’t possibly have predicted the Covid pandemic while planning, but these days we need more space to roam.

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  • Plaza Redonda Valencia Photo

    An Homage to Valencia’s Plaza Redonda

    As soon as the lockdown began, I set out to photograph Valencia. I’d never seen the streets so devoid of people, and I may not have the opportunity to take pictures of an empty city ever again. One of the first spots I visited was the Plaza Redonda.

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