Edel Rodriguez Trump Exhibition Valencia

Edel Rodríguez, Agente Naranja: The Trump Art Exhibition

Agente Naranja (Agent Orange) is the title of an art exhibition being shown at the Centro Cultural Carmen, by Edel Rodríguez. With bright colors, simple shapes, and merciless point-of-view, the Cuban-American artist reflects on the Trump presidency. The exhibition is brutal … though, one could argue, perhaps not as brutal as four years of Trump.

Edel Rodríguez, Agente Naranja

Trump’s time in power is already starting to feel unreal, almost like a nightmare… but the moment we stepped into the exhibition hall, the horror of those years came rushing back. Ah, remember how he separated children from their families? The bizarre fawning over Kim Jong Un? The Twitter bombs? You can’t help but shake your head in disbelief, that this was something we all lived through (and survived!)

Edel Rodríguez pulls no punches in his artwork, and the simplicity of the images really adds to their power. The most amazing thing is, considering that Trump’s craziness was on full view to everyone in the world, he was almost re-elected to a second term!

Trump Decapitating Statue of Liberty

The pieces on display here seemed immediately familiar to us, and it’s because we had in fact seen some of them before. Multiple high-profile magazines, including Time and Germany’s Der Spiegel, used Edel Rodríguez’s art on their covers. Even though it resurfaced all those ugly memories, we really loved the exhibition, and so will anyone who shares the artist’s viewpoint. Trump wasn’t exactly “kind” in his treatment of perceived enemies, and it’s cathartic to see someone hitting back, just as hard.

More Edel Rodríguez, Agente Naranja Photos:

  • Trump Corona Covid Facial Mask
  • Trump Tsunami
  • Biden Fixing The Statue Of Liberty
  • Biden Cleaning Up After Trump
  • Trump Hair on Fire
  • KKK Peeing Blood
  • Trump Arabic Thanks Giving
  • Trump Atom Bombs King Jong Un
  • Trump Moron
  • Trump KKK
  • Centre de Carme Valencia Trump
  • Trump Open Mouth
  • Trump Boxing Champion
  • Evolution of Trump
  • Donald Trump As Ronald Mc Donald
  • Confederate Flag Trump With Gung
  • Trump War on Freedom of Speech
  • Trumps Kills Statue of Liberty
  • Trump in High Heels
  • Trump Miss Russia
  • Trump and Kim Jong un Photo
  • 02 Trump KKK
  • 02 Trump
  • 01 Trump

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