Albufera Sunset

Valencia’s Best Sunset Spot: Albufera Lake

Valencia’s beaches can provide some epic sunrises, but since they all face east, they’re not as great for sunsets. So if you’re looking for an amazing place to watch the sun go down, what should you do? Of course, you can always go up to one of the city’s many rooftop bars, but if you’re looking for something a little more special, you might want to head south to Albufera Lake.

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Albufera Lake Sunset

The Albufera is Spain’s largest freshwater lake, and is surrounded by the rice fields which feed much of Spain and Europe. This is where the bomba rice used in Valencia’s famous paella is grown. The lake is extremely close to the Mediterranean Sea, separated by just a narrow strip of sand dunes, ten kilometers long. Another fun fact about the Albufera is that it’s a very shallow lake; the max depth is only 1.5 meters.

Because it’s also near some of Valencia’s best beaches, the Albufera is really one of the must-visit spots on any trip to the city. There’s nothing better than heading south in the morning, going for a swim in the ocean, enjoying a long lunch of paella at one of the area’s many traditional restaurants, then finding a spot to watch the sun set behind the Albufera.

Albufera Sunset Video

You’ll probably be tempted to return back to the city after eating lunch, but resist that urge! Even if you find yourself with hours before the sun goes down, just find a nice little spot to have a long siesta, maybe under a tree or back at the beach. Get a coffee or a beer at a bar… read a book… play cards… I don’t know, do some knitting or something! Because it’s worth sticking around for sunsets at the Albufera.

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Now this is the important part: when it’s time for the sunset, find a spot on the eastern shore at the lake so that you can see the sun slowly disappearing behind the mountains while painting the sky with beautiful colors that are then reflected on the lake’s surface. It’s a true natural spectacle; not even a Sorolla painting can get close to the real thing.

You can also organize boat trips over the lake for the sunset, and that might actually be the very best way to enjoy this moment. There isn’t a more Valencian day than a morning on the beach, paella for lunch, a long siesta, and a sunset boat ride on the Albufera.

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Albufera Lake
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Albufera Sunset Video
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More Albufera Lake Photos

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Albufera Map

Albufera FAQs

What can I do in Albufera Natural Park?

You can go on boat tours, it’s beautiful all day, but we recommend the sunset one. You can go hiking and biking, there are paths along the coast or through the rice fields. If you like birdwatching, you’ll be lucky in the Albufera, where you can see over 300 different species. You can also visit the small fishing village of El Palmar and have lunch there, the Paella Valenciana is a must.

Can I swim in Albufera Lake?

It is not advisable to swim in the Albufera lake, although it is a freshwater body, but it is also home to many birds that influence the water quality. We recommend going swimming at the nearby beaches.

Albufera Souvenirs

Looking for a Albufera Lake souvenir or gift? Check out this image of the lake with a reflecting sunset.

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