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A Visit To Historic Teruel: Easy Trip from Valencia

We’ve lived in Valencia a long time, but because we spend so much time globe-trotting, we have always neglected to explore the amazing sights closer to home. That changed during the pandemic, when we began to discover how much there was to see right around our home. Teruel is in Aragon, and just 90 minutes by car from Valencia (or about 3 hours by train)… and it’s absolutely worth a trip.

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Teruel narrow street and an old tower at night.

Though the two cities are quite close on the map, you can instantly tell that Teruel has a very different history and culture to that of Valencia. The city is inland and situated about 915 meters above sea level, which gives it a different climate. However, there is one thread which connects these two cities: the Turia River. West of Teruel you’ll find the Montes Universales, which is the river’s birthplace.

Teruel Walking Tour Video

“Teruel” is the name of both the province (the 2nd least-populated in Spain) and the province’s capital and largest city, which boasts a long history and a modest population of 35,000. Today, we were sticking to the city, but we’d be exploring the province in the next couple days.

After renting a car in Valencia, we took our time during the drive to Teruel, noticing the rapidly-changing landscape and vegetation, sparse and mountainous, so different to the Mediterranean coast. Upon arriving, we went straight to our hotel, dropped off our things, and set out to explore the city. Almost immediately, we encountered one of the city’s famous towers, prominent and unmistakable in its Mudejar style.

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Teruel has four such surviving towers, all of them protected by UNESCO, as a World Heritage Site (Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon). They were built between the 12th and 14th century, and are a beautiful reflection of the peaceful coexistence of cultures. The term “Mudejar” means a mixture of both Islamic and Christian elements. For centuries in Aragon and especially Teruel, Muslims and Christians managed to live side-by-side, and work together to create some incredible pieces of architecture.

Amantes de Teruel tombs

We continued roaming the streets of Teruel, and soon found ourselves at the city’s well-preserved aqueduct. You can walk over it, for a unique view of town. We then had a great lunch at El Mercao de Teruel — the region is known for its incredible jamón. Bellies full, we visited the Church of San Pedro to learn about the tragic story of Amantes de Teruel, which is basically Aragon’s version of Romeo and Juliet. The tombs of the “lovers” feature them touching hands, are located inside a mausoleum within the church. Even without the tombs, this church is worth visiting, with some incredible Mudejar designs.

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Teruel Map

Teruel FAQs

How long does it take to get from Valencia to Teruel?

The fastest option is by car and takes about 90 minutes, there are also buses and trains that connect these two cities.

What is Teruel known for?

Teruel is rich in history, with magnificent Mudejar architecture, a poignant love story immortalized in its cathedral, and the famous Jamón de Teruel (Teruel Ham). In addition, this lively city offers family entertainment at the Dinópolis theme park and the festive La Vaquilla del Ángel celebration.

Teruel Souvenirs

Looking for a souvenir from Teruel? Check out this image if La Vaquilla standing on top of the fountain at the Plaza Torico.

Framed photo of a bull statue from Teruel

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