A Glorious Mascleta Seen from a Balcony – Fallas 2020, March 9th – Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo

We have several favorite spots at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento from which to watch a Mascletà. Usually, we’re on the north side of the plaza, good for hanging out with friends because it’s not so packed. Another favorite spot is in front of the post office, closer to the Mascletà cage, where you can see some of the fireworks explode. We also sometimes venture right up to the cage, where you get shaken during the the grand finale. But at least once during Fallas, we want to witness a Mascletà from one of the many balconies surrounding the plaza.

Mascleta VIP Balcony

The Balcón del Casino invited us to check out their venue with several balconies situated of the end of the Mascletà and situated inside a beautiful building on the fifth floor. We instantly said yes, because we’d never had the opportunity to see one from that angle. We showed up early to snag the perfect spot for this unique occasion. And waiting wasn’t a problem, because of the open bar and appetizers (before they serve an homemade Paella Valenciana after the Mascletà).

After a couple of glasses of wine and several rounds of amazing little snacks, the Mascletà started. We were lucky, because the wind was blowing away from us, giving us a clear view over the Mascletà cage. The company in charge of today’s daylight fireworks was the Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo and we couldn’t have picked a better day to see the fireworks go off. The entire show was intense and the grand finale… well, see for yourself.

Falleras Mascleta

We love seeing our Mascletàs from the street, but from on high, you have the chance to appreciate the art of their construction. And watching these firecrackers triggering each other to build such a noisy, beautiful piece of art is something you should experience at least once.

To book your Mascletà balcony spot, check out Balcón del Casino.

Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo

Fallas 2020

Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo

Core Mascleta

Mascleta Runnin

Crazy Mascleta

Mascleta Humo

Mascleta Explosion

Pyrotecnico Medeterano

Mascleta Cage Fallas 2020

Mascleta Run

Crazy Mascleta

Balcony Mascleta Fallas

Balcony Mascleta Fallas

Smoke Palm Trees

Balcony Mascleta Fallas

Balcony Mascleta Fallas

Mascleta Fallas 2020

30 Mascleta Balcones Fallas 2020 DSC04142

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Mascleta Shooting

Glitter In the Air

Glitter in the Air

Fallera Major Balcones Mascleta

City Hall Valencia

Hidden Escif Street Art

Running Mascleta

Caged Trees

Mascleta Set up

Mascleta Fallas

Mascleta VIP Balcony

Balcony Mascleta Fallas

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Abstract People Architecture

Fallera Major Fallas 2020

Corte Fallera Major

Falleras Mascleta

Falleras Mascleta

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Plaza Ayuntamiento Fallas

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