• Snyder Park Springfield Ohio

    Fall Colors Snyder Park Springfield, OH

    With its downtown location and gorgeous trails, Snyder Park should be a super-popular place to enjoy the great outdoors.

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  • Beggar's Night in Springfield Ohio

    Happy Halloween – Beggar’s Night in Springfield, Ohio

    We visit the States quite often, but aren’t often here for Halloween — which is a shame, because it’s by far the most entertaining holiday the USA has to offer. Like most things that are truly great, Halloween is deeply weird when you stop to think about it.

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  • Traditional Springfield Ohio

    A Picturesque Daytime Walk through Springfield, Ohio

    Springfield, Ohio is one of those classic Midwestern American cities which lost much of their identity following the eclipse of the industrialization boom. Unable to provide jobs for their inhabitants, many once-thriving communities across the Midwest have become mere shadows of their former selves.

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  • Springfield, Ohio Travel Blog

    A Picturesque Evening Walk through Springfield, Ohio

    Welcome to Springfield, Ohio. According to some articles you can find online, this is the unhappiest city in the United States of America, and the fourth most dangerous city in the state of Ohio. Such articles of course inspire Youtubers like this one to drive through the city, making videos with clickbait titles, talking smack…

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