• Exposicion Fallas 2022

    Fallas Ninot Exhibition 2022 at the City of Arts and Sciences

    First sign of Fallas – A visit to the Ninot Exhibition 2022. Fallas is back on track. After the strange, stunted celebrations of 2021, the city is trying to return the festival to its normal routine — and one of the first items on the agenda is the annual Ninot Exhibition. Last year, it was…

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  • Reflecting Fireworks Valencia

    Fireworks for the Opening Ceremony of the Ninot Exhibition for Fallas 2022

    I always wanted to see fireworks at Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, imagining how spectacular they must look against the futurist architecture. Turns out, my imagination was spot-on; the fireworks which celebrating the opening of this year’s Ninot Exhibition looked just as breathtaking as I had hoped.

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  • Faller Hugging Moon Fallas Ninots 2021

    Summer Fallas 2021 Ninot Exhibition

    Fallas in the summer is something that’s never happened before (as far as we know), and to get into the spirit, we went to the 2021 Ninot Exhibit, held at the Marina.

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  • Vicente Domínguez Fallas Artist

    Fallas Artist Vicente Domínguez

    We decided to get in touch with Fallas artist Vicente Domínguez, in advance, and ask if we could stop by his workshop.

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  • Hung Galaxy 2020 Valencia

    Hung Galaxy Exhibition, at Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences

    Upon seeing pictures of the Hung Galaxy show at the City of Arts and Sciences, I initially thought the Ninot exhibition had arrived early this year. The colorful, cartoony figures would fit right into the annual pre-Fallas event.

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  • Ninot Exhibition Fallas 2020

    Ninot Exhibition Fallas 2020

    Ninots are the smaller figures which make up the large Fallas monuments, and every commission sends their best one to the Exhibition. Visiting gives you a sense of the year’s popular themes and styles

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