• Capitol Tour Washington

    A Tour of the US Capitol

    Despite being a relatively young country, the United States has the oldest democracy in the entire world. And no building is more sacred to that system of government than the Capitol, where the House of Representatives and the Senate convene to debate, pass laws, and push the interests of their constituents. Regardless of how you…

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  • Traditional Springfield Ohio

    A Picturesque Daytime Walk through Springfield, Ohio

    Springfield, Ohio is one of those classic Midwestern American cities which lost much of their identity following the eclipse of the industrialization boom. Unable to provide jobs for their inhabitants, many once-thriving communities across the Midwest have become mere shadows of their former selves.

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  • Springfield, Ohio Travel Blog

    A Picturesque Evening Walk through Springfield, Ohio

    Welcome to Springfield, Ohio. According to some articles you can find online, this is the unhappiest city in the United States of America, and the fourth most dangerous city in the state of Ohio. Such articles of course inspire Youtubers like this one to drive through the city, making videos with clickbait titles, talking smack…

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  • Times Square New York City

    NYC Views from Bar 54, Including the Chrysler Building and Times Square

    This trip to New York City was our first big excursion since the beginning of the pandemic, and also the first time since we had been back to Manhattan in over five years. To celebrate, we splurged a bit and booked a room at the Hyatt Centric, right next to Times Square.

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  • Valencia Post Office

    Valencia Photos … From a Different Perspective

    The hard Spanish lockdown of 2020, when residents weren’t allowed to leave their houses except for grocery shopping, was not something I’d like to repeat any time soon. But it was an interesting time in our lives — Mike and I are accustomed to floating all over the world, and so being confined to our…

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  • Denver Skyline and lake

    When Denver Won Us Over — Photos from 2010

    Mike and I first visited Denver in the early 2000s, and we were not impressed — it seemed to be one of those typical Midwestern cities which empty out right at 5pm, as everyone hops in their cars and returns to their homes in the suburbs. But something changed over the next decade, because when…

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  • Stockholm Photographer

    Stockholm 2010, Part I: Summer in the City

    2010 was a big year for us, as that’s the year we started traveling around the world For 91 Days at a time. But before relocating to Oviedo, our first destination, I had been hired to take pictures at a conference in Stockholm, and also get some shots of the city.

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  • Sagrada Familia Blue Stained Glass

    The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – An Unforgettable Architectural Experience

    I was only in Barcelona for ten hours, during a recent trip to take care of some paperwork, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to check out the Sagrada Familia. This was my first visit to one of the world’s most remarkable buildings, which is faintly embarrassing, having lived in nearby Valencia for so long

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  • Beach Barcelona Photo Aerial

    10 Hours in Barcelona: What to Do?

    I few days ago, I spent ten hours in Barcelona. The main reason was to take care of some paperwork, but I decided to combine this administrative task with some fun as well. So if you find yourself with time to kill in Barcelona, this post is for you.

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