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For 91 Days we live in a random place around the world, giving ourselves time to really understand the culture, history, cuisine, and people. We never quite become locals, but we're definitely more than tourists.
When we're not on the road, we call Valencia, Spain home. Check out the posts from Valencia below, or use the menu to discover the other places we've visited.

Time to Say Goodbye to Chania … and Hello to Stavros!

After one month of living in the heart of the old town, it was time to say goodbye to Chania. We'd had a decent time, and the city is gorgeous, but our spirits were no match for the endless stream of tourists, the ceaseless noise, and the touts who never, ever, stopped trying to convince us to eat at their crappy restaurants. Dudes! Don't you know us by now? We've been saying "no" for a month! We…

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A Rainy Road-Trip Up Into The Mountains Near Chania

Having planned a weekend road trip in the mountains for some time, we were disappointed to wake up and learn that heavy rain was expected for the day. Our rental car was already booked, and we couldn't cancel our plans, if we didn't want to lose the deposit. So we decided to embrace the misery. As it turned out, the weather created an interesting mood for the trip, and we ended up at a rustic mountain restaurant,…

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Bougatsa: A Delicious, Cream-Stuffed Grecian Specialty

I need to warn you right off the bat: this post is going to make your mouth water, so get a hand towel ready. After reading this article, you'll be a drooling, ravenous monster, trolling around your house, screaming for "Bougatsa". If you have children, you'll scare them, and your spouse might call the cops. So... you've been warned. Bougatsa is a popular pastry on Crete. Baked phyllo dough, stuffed with semolina custard and sprinkled with powdered…

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The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

I imagine that a lot of visitors to the nearby site of Knossos decide to skip Heraklion's Archaeological Museum. There's only so much history one can take! But this is a huge mistake. Not only is the museum an indispensable companion to Knossos, as home to most of its recovered treasures, but it's actually a more rewarding experience. We're not alone in our high opinion: Heraklion's museum is hailed as one of the premiere archaeological collections in…

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Knossos: The “Modern” Minoan Palace Near Heraklion

Just outside of Heraklion, the biggest city and capital of Crete, lie the ruins of Knossos: one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the Western world. Knossos was home to the palace of King Minos, and thought to be the center of the extinct Minoan kingdom. It's a place drenched in history so ancient, it's positively mythological. Heraklion is a three-hour bus ride from Chania, which we were astounded to discover. It's easy to think of…

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The Archaeological Museum of Chania – History And Architecture

Over a decade ago, Chania announced its plans for the new home of the city's Archaelogical Museum: a modern construction of glass and steel. Luckily for us, there have been a lot of delays, and the museum is still in the same old converted mosque that's been its home since opening in 1962. Nothing against modern buildings, of course, but we can't imagine a better place to host an archaeological collection than this place. The museum itself…

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The Old Market Hall In Chania

If you look at any map of Chania, it's easy to locate the Municipal Market: just look for the cross-shaped building in the middle of town. Each of the four "wings" has its own entrance, all of which lead to the large hall in the center. This is a great place to come for fresh fruits & veggies, meat, fish, and restaurants serving up local specialties. Try to visit the market as early as possible. In fact,…

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The Coastal Hike from Loutro to Hora Sfakion

Our stay in Loutro was short but sweet. We had just a single day, not even twenty-four hours, to bask in the quiet beauty of this tiny village. There are only two ways to access Loutro: either by boat, or by foot. And since we had taken the ferry in, we decided to hoof it out. A brilliant coastal path of about two hours connects this town back to Chora Sfakion, where we'd be catching the bus…

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Early Morning Hike From Loutro To Finikas Bay And Back

After waking up in Loutro, we went to the top of our guesthouse, just to make sure the town was as amazing as we remembered, and that yesterday hadn't been some vivid dream. Clutching mugs of coffee, we watched the morning sun pour in over the cliffs, bathing the bay in a soft, warm light. Yep, Loutro's beauty was an objective reality. This was a perfect beginning to the morning, but we couldn't linger too long: we…

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The Villages of Loutro & Chora Sfakion

A splash of white at the bottom of the cliffs, the village of Loutro looks like someone spilled paint out of a bucket, then decided not to clean it up. "Nobody will see it anyway, all the way down there." It's not unreasonable, because without a boat, you never would see Loutro. This tiny, gorgeous village is totally inaccessible by car. Arriving at Loutro isn't the easiest, especially if the weather is bad. We had to scramble,…

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