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Exploring the world, three months at a time

For 91 Days we live in a random place around the world, giving ourselves time to really understand the culture, history, cuisine, and people. We never quite become locals, but we're definitely more than tourists.
When we're not on the road, we call Valencia, Spain home. Check out the posts from Valencia below, or use the menu to discover the other places we've visited.

Cant de L’Estoreta Fallas 2020 – The Traditional Children Parade Before La Planta

The Cant de L'Estoreta tradition came to life in the 1960s, thanks to the Fallas commission of Plaza del Árbol. Adults and kids alike dressed up in antiquated clothing, and reenacted the obsolete tradition of walking with the estoreta velleta, an old carpet upon which neighbors could place their old junk they accumulated over the year. That junk then was used to build the Fallas figures. Nowadays, it's more of a kids parade, featuring Valencian-themed floats, but…

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Three Experimental Mascletas During Fallas 2020

Yes, Fallas 2020 has been cancelled, but we're going to continue sharing our experiences before the Spanish lockdown. Especially for all the Valencians stuck at home, we want to deliver at least a little bit of Fallas flair! On March 6th and 7th, we walked around the city to capture some of the more unique mascletàs. Enjoy! Cien Mil Truenos en Tiempo Récord The Fallas Commission of Mosen Sorell-Corona hired the pyrotechnicians of Vulcano to set…

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An Unexpectedly Dangerous Hike around Telendos

Over the years, we've gotten ourselves into many challenging hiking situations, from the Hengill Death Hike in Iceland, to the Leech Attack in Sri Lanka. And thanks to Telendos Island, we have a new one to add to our list of stupidly dangerous hikes. After so many years of travel, you'd think we might be smarter... We had crossed over on the ferry to Telendos, with some friends who were spending the day climbing. After watching them…

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Climbing at the Island of Telendos

Kalymnos is a mountain-climber's paradise, and the heart of the scene is found in the villages lined up on the island's west coast: Myrties, Masouri and Armeos. Within easy walking distance of these towns is a wealth of over twenty crags, with literally thousands of routes, which a climber could spend a lifetime discovering. It's no surprise that many return year after year, nor that the towns have repurposed themselves as climbing meccas, with tons of specialty…

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A Long Weekend on Kalymnos

Shortly after we moved into our new home in quiet Stavros, we took a long weekend trip to Kalymnos: a small island near Kos. With an abundance of sheer vertical walls, Kalymnos is a climber's paradise, and we happened to have a mountain climbing friend who would be there on 40th birthday. Considering how close we were, we decided to hop over and help her celebrate. Arriving at Kalymnos is a little tricker than at a bigger…

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Lera Cave on the Vardies Mountain

On our first night in Stavros, while relaxing on the terrace of our house, we noticed a little light halfway up the slope of the imposing Vardies Mountain. The next day, we'd learn that this is the location of a cave church, and that there's a short, steep path which leads to it. We decided to check it out that very same day. The path to the cave is easy to spot, and more or less a…

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Stavros: An Unlikely Hollywood Set

After a month spent in the relentless chaos of Chania, we were greatly looking forward to the following month. Stavros would be our haven of peace, nature and tranquility. This ultra-quiet smattering of houses along the coast of the Akrotiri Peninsula barely qualifies as a "town", and is just half an hour away from Chania. Our month-long home had a full garden, a grill, tons of space, and even a hammock. It seemed custom-made for relaxing, and…

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Seitan Limania Beach near Chania

Not far from Chania, on the eastern side of the Akrotiri Peninsula, you'll find one of the strangest beaches on Crete. Seitan Limania is a small, sandy beach, emerging from a canyon shaped like a lightning bolt, out into the open sea. This isn't the kind of beach you can get to easily; with no public transportation anywhere near by, you'll need your own car or scooter to arrive. And I wouldn't rent a car for the…

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