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Traveling the world For 91 Days at a time.

… and counting! Since 2010, we’ve been traveling the world for 91 days at a time, fully immersing ourselves in the culture, cuisine, history, and way of life in each of our chosen new homes. Over the course of our stay, we definitely become more than tourists, but can’t quite call ourselves locals. We’re more like eternal newcomers.

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Genuine Experiences

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Every story you’ll find on this site is something we personally experienced. We always provide our honest, unfiltered opinions.

Original content

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We take all of our own photos and videos, and write our own articles. Always. Our content is available for licensing by request.

Slow Travel


With 91 days to explore our temporary homes, we have time to truly learn the culture, see the sights at a sustainable pace, and even make new friends.

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Even when we’re not on a 91-day adventure, we’re still exploring as much as we can. Check out these recent articles, published between our lengthier stays in specific spots!

All of the Locations We’ve Visited For 91 Days

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So far, we’ve spent three months apiece in 21 amazing locations around the world, from Europe to Asia, South America to Africa. In each spot, we live as much like locals as possible, while still making sure to have as many touristy experiences as we can!

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Our website, photos and approach to traveling have been featured by media outlets from around the world. Find the entire list on our press page.

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Every one of our articles is packed with stunning photography, helping to provide a full impression of the places we visit. All of our photos can be made available as framed prints, or licensed for use in other media.