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Exploring the world, three months at a time

For 91 Days we live in a random place around the world, giving ourselves time to really understand the culture, history, cuisine, and people. We never quite become locals, but we're definitely more than tourists.
When we're not on the road, we call Valencia, Spain home. Check out the posts from Valencia below, or use the menu to discover the other places we've visited.

Come And Visit Bad König, Odenwald In Germany

After my grandmother passed away, I spent a couple years of my childhood living in her house in Bad König, Odenwald. It wasn't until more than two decades later that I finally returned, and I was shocked by how many memories came flooding back. It was a visit long overdue, but if I'm being honest, I probably wouldn't have gone if not for that delicious Baumkuchen! Bad König is situated right in the heart of the Odenwald,…

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Making The Famous Baumkuchen At Café Rudolph – Bad König

Baumkuchen translates into Tree Cake in English, a name it's earned for one obvious reason. If you cut open either a tree trunk or a Baumkuchen, you'll see the same thing: rings. Compared to a tree, though, the Baumkuchen's rings don't equate to a single year ... but more like 3 minutes. Still, you'll be surprised how much time, love and tradition goes into making one of them. First, allow me to tell you how I ended…

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Bannalp – An Insider’s Tip Near Lucerne + Alphorn

When thinking about Switzerland, the images which usually come to mind are the romantic scenes country life, beautiful old architecture, cheese and chocolate every where. But for me, the most exciting thing about the country is the sheer numbers of gondolas, funiculars, unique trains and cog railways. We love these unique forms of transportation, and always make sure to visit as many as we can. I'm being serious! Here are just some of the crazy transportation methods…

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A New Direction at For 91 Days

For the past eight years, we've been exploring the world 91 days at a time, hopping from one amazing destination to the next, living exactly the life we'd always dreamed of. It's been a privilege, and these years of travel have provided us with a staggering number of memories, friendships, and unforgettable experiences. But anything can become static... even a life of constant change. And that's the place we've been approaching with For 91 Days. After so…

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Five Days In Lucerne and Did You Know … ?

Ever since our friends moved to Lucerne, we've been toying with the idea of spending an extended time in Switzerland. It’s unbelievably beautiful there and a great travel destination throughout the year. There's just one thing holding us back: Switzerland is so extremely expensive, and honestly, we just can’t afford it. If you’re a resident, you’re eligible for the half tax, which gives you 50% off tickets on trains, gondolas, funiculars, cogwheel trains and many other things…

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Unique Boat Procession: Romería del Cristo de la Salud en El Palmar

For the past ten years, Valencia has been our home base, but we had never managed to experience the Romería del Cristo de la Salud, held on the Albufera Lake, just south of the city. This unique boat procession is held annually on August 4th, but before explaining it, we'd like to introduce you to the Albufera. The Albufera The word "Albufera" comes from the Arabic "al-buhayra", which translates as "small sea" [wikipedia]. Today the lake is…

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Flower Battle Valencia 2018: Batalla De Flores

The Batalla de Flores it not an event for those allergic to pollen, because you'll walking home covered in it. The "Flower Battle" marks the conclusion of the month-long Gran Fira de Valencia (formerly known as the Feria de Julio). This is the third time I've gone to see it; once the event gets going, it's a lot of fun, but the build-up is excruciating. As photographer I always pick the spot where I can make the…

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Steemit Meetup Darmstadt August 15th – 16th

A picture of Mühltal close to Darmstadt where I grew up, check out a photo series via the link The Steemit World is huge, but small at the same time. I was welcoming a new user to our Discord Travel Server, and we started chatting since she is originally from Malaga, Spain, but currently in Germany (Kind of the opposite of me!) It even turns out that she’s near Darmstadt, which is my hometown. And since I’m…

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Random Act Of Kindness Travel Challenge – Winner Takes 1 SBD

Random Act Of Kindness Of Strangers During Your Travels With this post, we want to explore new ways of interacting with our readers. We'd like to encourage existing Steemit readers to leave comments in which they share their stories, but also hope that long time readers of our blog will consider finally signing up for a Steemit account. Since money (Steem Dollars) makes the world go around, we’ve decided to give out a prize to our favorite…

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