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For 91 Days we live in a random place around the world, giving ourselves time to really understand the culture, history, cuisine, and people. We never quite become locals, but we're definitely more than tourists.
When we're not on the road, we call Valencia, Spain home. Check out the posts from Valencia below, or use the menu to discover the other places we've visited.

Sunset, Seagulls and the Düsseldorf Altstadt

Having spent much of the day riding the suspension train at the Düsseldorf airport, I headed into town, to take a walk through the Altstadt, or Old Town. I had never before visited Düsseldorf, but had heard plenty about this quaint neighborhood, with its traditional houses, its promenade along the Rhine, and abundant bars and bugs which serve the famous local Altbier. I disembarked from the S-Bahn at Sternstraße, and approached the Altstadt from the north. After…

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The Suspension Train at Düsseldorf’s Airport

Airports have always held a certain fascination for me. It's no secret that I am spiritually dedicated to travel, and airports are like the cathedrals of my weird religion. So for a travel junkie like me, it was exhilarating to discover that Düsseldorf's airport is not only about airplanes, but that it's got another cool method of transportation: an incredible suspension train which connects the airport with the railway station. The main reason for my visit to…

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Off The Rails At The Wunderland In Kalkar

The Zena Trophy fireworks festival was held on the grounds of a theme park called Wunderland, in Kalkar, Germany. Before the festival began, I had time to check out the park. Mostly, I was excited to try out the swing ride... not because I love swings, but because it's been placed inside a nuclear cooling tower. Yes, you read that right. There can't be many other amusement parks around the world which are built on top of…

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Firework Festival – First Night Mascleta In Northern Europe – Zena Trophy 2018

The first time I'd heard about the Zena Trophy was last year, when I came across an impressive daylight firework video on Youtube. Immediately curious, I did some research. This is an annual festival held by a Dutch pyrotechnic manufacturer named Zena. After reading that the 2018 edition would include a night mascletà, which would also be the loudest fireworks ever seen in Germany, I started plotting. Am I really so crazy for mascletàs that I would…

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The Pink Beach Of Elafonisi And Our Second Road Trip Day

There aren't many beaches around the world with pink sand, but Crete is lucky to be gifted with two of them, both situated on the western coast of the island. Today, we're shining the spotlight on Elafonisi Beach. The other, Balos, we hope to visit soon. On the second day of our road-trip, we woke up at the crack of dawn, eager to get on the road. The earlier you show up at famous Elafonisi, the better.…

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A Road-Trip from Chania into the Mountains

Throughout the two months we'll be spending on Crete, our plan is to embark on a road-trip every week. The ultimate goal of our first excursion was the famous pink beach of Elafonissi, but we had plenty of time to make some other stops along the way. We didn't even make it to the beach on the first day, but saw more than enough to warrant a separate post. Minoan Tomb in Maleme Discovered only at the…

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Beauty but no Gondolas: Chania’s Venetian Harbor

If you were hoping to see gondolas floating through the canals of Chania's Venetian Harbor, we're sorry to disappoint you. Although I'm sure any disenchantment you're feeling won't last, after you see the amazing promenade which rings the city's small port. Chania doesn't have any canals for gondolas to paddle, anyway, so they'd be pretty useless here. No, the Venetian Harbor wasn't named for its resemblance to the Floating City, but because of its creators. In the…

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Three Spots In Chania Off The Beaten Path

One of the greatest things about slow travel is the discovery of spots you'd never run into, were you visiting for just a day or two. After having spent some time familiarizing ourselves with Chania, we discovered a few spots that are off the beaten path. Please keep in mind, a couple of these are technically closed off to visitors, but nobody seems to pay any attention to that. Still, I wouldn't suggest going after dark, and…

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Χαίρετε Crete – Πώς είσαι Chania?

After a long journey and the drama of lost luggage, we made it to Chania. Within minutes, we were resting at our little townhouse in the heart of the old town, sitting on fold-up chairs in the street, enjoying the evening breeze and a bottle of Retsina. We had been in Chania for a grand total of 45 minutes, but as the hordes of tourists walked by our place casting jealous glances at our set-up, we already…

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Two Months on Crete… and the Reason We Visit Greece Every Year

We're finally on the road again! After a long break of nearly six months, we packed our suitcases and left Valencia, to spend two months on Crete, in Greece. If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed that Greece is an annual destination for us. And there's a reason for that. As all frequent travelers know, flying can be a nightmare. But a few years ago, we learned about a great way to achieve…

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