Goodbye Pangkor Laut Island

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Paradise

For our last full day at the Pangkor Laut Resort, we agreed to keep our agenda clear, so that we could fully concentrate on the important things: eating, swimming, reading, and relaxing as completely as possible. But it turns out that a full day of doing nothing is the one thing we can’t do… honestly, we should know this about ourselves by now.

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Pangkor Laut Reception

Before heading to the beach (where we definitely intended to lay down and do nothing as solemnly agreed upon!) we decided that it would be a shame to not visit the parts of the resort we hadn’t yet seen. So, just a quick tour! We wandered across the wooden piers of the Sea Villas, past the Fisherman’s Cove, where we had enjoyed an amazing dinner, and into the Spa Village. This is probably a more exclusive part of the resort, with an infinity pool only for Spa Village guests. There’s not just a single spa here, but individual huts for all different kinds of treatments, from Belian treatments to Chinese herbs. One was fully dedicated to Ayurveda, which is a popular alternative medicine technique we learned about while in Sri Lanka.

Last Day Video Impressions

Alright, now that we had done that, we could get to the beach! But … first, what’s that tower? We hadn’t seen that yet, so we wandered over, and discovered an elevator that seemed to go straight up into the jungle. Okay, before the beach, we’re just going to check this out, and that’s it!

The elevator let us out at the resort’s Hill Villas. The views from here were jaw-dropping and I think if we come back one day, we might prefer to stay in one of these hillside homes. The villas looked as thought they might be swallowed up by the jungle, at any second, everything is so green and lush. The monkeys roaming around here seemed to agree that this was the spot to be!

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Now it really was time for the beach. We stretched out, closed our eyes… and an hour later were bored enough to be on our phones, looking for something else to do.

We decided to go on a sunset cruise, organized by the resort. We left from the Pangkor Laut Pier at 6pm, and then slowly circled the island, enjoying as many drinks and little snacks as we wanted. It felt great to be out on the sea, taking in the breeze while getting a bit buzzed. We passed the Emerald Beach, where we had just been trying (and failing) to do nothing, and had a fun time chatting with other guests on the boat.

Sunset Cruise Video

Overall we loved our stay on Pangkor Laut Island. Our Sea Villa was just lovely. The staff was attentive, with a keen eye for detail, and always seemed able to anticipate what might make your stay more special; exactly what you would expect from a 5 star resort. And of course, there was the food, which we’ve mentioned too often, but honestly it was amazing. For us the biggest surprise were all the animals we got to see, and of course the amazing nature.

For a special occasion, Pangkor Laut Resort is a perfect place to go … I can’t imagine a better place to have celebrated our 20th anniversary. What better way to start our next twenty years, than with the memories we made here?

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Is Pangkor Laut Resort Worth It?

Yes, in our opinion a stay at Pangkor Laut Resort is worth your money and time. The staff, food and our sea-villa were just amazing and we loved all the nature and animals we got to see.

How Many Nights on Pangkor Laut Island?

We stayed 3 nights and thought that was a good amount of time to relax, eat at most of the restaurants and explore the island. If you have the budget, 4 nights would be even better.

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