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For 91 Days: A New Look

Friends and readers of For 91 Days,

Today we’re happy to share some exciting news with you: For 91 Days has a brand new look!

New Travel Blog Look

Since starting our travel blog in 2010, we’ve spent 91 days in 21 separate locations, and have published around 2000 articles2000 videos and over 60,000 photos. It’s been a long journey, and we’ve seen travel blogging change a ton — when we started out, the concept of an “influencer” didn’t even exist (at least, not in the way we understand it, now!) Today, there’s AI which is capable of writing entire travel articles and even generating photos. And remote work has opened up the possibility of long-term travel to an entirely new set of people.

For 91 Days Logo

Despite the changes happening all around us, we’ve stayed true to ourselves and to our concept of travel. We take our time in each new location, immersing ourselves in the culture and history, and we always provide our true and honest opinions of a place. Everything that appears on our blog is something we experienced first hand — all the writing is Mike’s, all the photography is Jürgen’s. This is a matter of principle for us, and something that’s more important now than ever, in an age where entire travel books are being churned out by authors who’ve never been to the places they’re writing about… or authors who aren’t even human.

But that doesn’t mean that For 91 Days is immune to change! After a year of brainstorming, we’ve come up with a new brand identity for our blog, along with a new logo, theme, and landing page, all of which are meant to enhance the experience of using our site.

Mike and Juergen from For 91 Days Travel Blog

For now, the changes are viewable on our main page, For 91 Days, as well as the pages dedicated to our time in Savannah. We’ve finally added a proper About Us section, to give you a better idea who we are, as well as a dedicated Press section, where you can see all the media we’ve been featured in.

We’re now fine-tuning and applying the changes to the twenty remaining For 91 Days locations. Not an easy task, but one that gives us the excuse to go back in time, and remember all the amazing places we’ve seen.

A big thank you to all of our readers for the continuous support. We know that some of you have been following us since the beginning! Here’s to many more years of amazing travel.

Jürgen and Mike

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  1. Jenna Avatar

    Amazing re-launch Mike & Jürgen, the site looks incredible and I love the clean new layout, logo and navigation. Genuinely awesome!

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