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The 2021 October Fallas of Alzira

Fallas of Alzira – Our plan had been to take the train in the morning, see a few figures and the mascletá at 14h, then grab lunch and return home.

Going Up In Smoke – Fallas 2021 Coming to an End

Fallas 2021 came to an end on Sunday, September 5th — the strangest Fallas which we and many others had ever experienced. Set in the autumn instead of the spring, devoid of mascletàs at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and marked by falleras wearing masks.

Random Fallas Figures of 2021

On the last few days of Fallas, once all the figures have been erected, you got roughly 4 days to see as many figures as possible. As mentioned before there are roughly 800 of them (split up half in a kids figures and the main figures) and it’s impossible to see them all. Of course we had to wonder if someone attempted to see them all.

Too Precious To Burn! Our Favorite Fallas Figures of 2021

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Fallas, and the first time you’re seeing photos of the amazing figures which are constructed around the city, you’re probably not going to believe (too precious to burn) that they’re all burnt to the ground.

Falleras in Masks 2021: Parades to Pick Up Fallas Prizes

The Fallas of 2021 is probably the weirdest Fallas of all; not only because it happened during the month of September, during a pandemic, but also because all of the Falleras and Falleros were wearing masks while marching in the big parades through Valencia.

La Plantà of Fallas 2021: A Second Attempt

The Plantà of Fallas, when monuments are erected throughout the city, is already in its final stages. Valencians are accustomed to having their streets taken over by the massive, colorful statues, but usually it’s in March.

The Plantà of the Meditadora by Escif – Fallas 2021

Fair warning, I have to admit that I’m obsessed with this Fallas figure by Valencian street artist Escif. It began when I saw the original sketches for the figure commissioned by the city of Valencia, for Fallas 2020.

Summer Fallas 2021 Ninot Exhibition

Fallas in the summer is something that’s never happened before (as far as we know), and to get into the spirit, we went to the 2021 Ninot Exhibit, held at the Marina.

Fallas Artist Vicente Domínguez

We decided to get in touch with Fallas artist Vicente Domínguez, in advance, and ask if we could stop by his workshop.

A Day Trip to Almansa in Castilla-La Mancha

We drove out of the city, across the border separating Valencia and Castilla – La Mancha, and into Almansa. As we pulled up to his house, our old greeted us with a huge smile on his face.