• Phone Travel Photography

    Is My Phone’s Camera Enough to Capture New York City? Travel Photography Test!

    My intention is to judge whether the photos I produce with my mobile phone (Vivo X60 Pro +) can stand up to those taken with my mirrorless DSLR camera (Sony A7C). In this post I’m starting with the phone — these are all photos I took during our visit to New York City.

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  • Traditional stone village Asturias

    Unpublished Photos of Oviedo and Asturias

    2010 was a big year for us. That was the year, we sold almost everything that we owned, and put the rest in storage, with the giddy proposition of traveling the world non-stop, 91 days at a time.

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  • KODAKOne

    My First Year With RYDE (formerly KODAKOne)

    Over the past decade, I’ve amassed over 50,000 images. It’s been fun, but it was never work that paid well, and I’ve always struggled. But right now, I’ve never felt more secure. And that’s thanks to KODAKOne.

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  • Covid19 Rainbow

    Covid-19 Valencia: Terrace Photo Project

    When we’re back home in Valencia, I don’t take nearly as many photos as when we’re traveling. But still… I have to take some! Two months of confinement, due to the COVID-19 Virus, has challenged me to find new inspiration from a single physical location: our terrace. Every single day of the lockdown in Spain,…

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  • Romeria del Cristo de la Salud El Palmar

    Unique Boat Procession: Romería del Cristo de la Salud en El Palmar

    For the past ten years, Valencia has been our home base, but we had never managed to experience the Romería del Cristo de la Salud, held on the Albufera Lake, just south of the city. This unique boat procession is held annually on August 4th, but before explaining it, we’d like to introduce you to…

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  • 15 Batalla de Flores Valencia 2018 DSC01877

    Flower Battle Valencia 2018: Batalla De Flores

    The Batalla de Flores it not an event for those allergic to pollen, because you’ll walking home covered in it. The “Flower Battle” marks the conclusion of the month-long Gran Fira de Valencia (formerly known as the Feria de Julio). This is the third time I’ve gone to see it; once the event gets going,…

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