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Parque del Campillín

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An oddly-shaped park on the southern side of the city, the Campillín is the second largest green area in the city center, behind the Campo de San Francisco. To be honest, though, it’s less a “park” than the side of a hill outfitted with paths and benches.

APS Oviedo

In the middle ages, blacksmiths practiced their craft in the Campillín, and in 1829 it was shuttered up after having become a place of rampant prostitution. During the Civil War, the park was completely destroyed. It’s only recently been renovated, and now host a popular flea market on Sundays with second-hand clothes, toys, films, books, and any other type of junk you might care to imagine.

This being Oviedo, there are also plenty of statues in the park, including one of the author Ramón Pérez de Ayala, who was born in a nearby building. His most famous work is “Belarmino y Apolonio”, a 1921 novel analyzing transcendental doubt and the religious soul, available for free download if you’re really have nothing better to do.

Although the Campillín isn’t as beautiful as San Francisco, it’s worth passing through when you find yourself on that side of the city. Perhaps after a big meal at the nearby Yantar de Campomanes.

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Spanish Online Flea Market

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El Mercado del Fontán

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The largest market in Oviedo is found in the Plaza del Fontán, which has been home to the city’s food merchants since the mid-16th century. In the middle ages, the plaza was still on the outskirts of the small city, and bordered a small lake filled by natural springs, which gave the plaza its name. The lake is gone but the focus on food remains.

Mercado Fontan

After the lake was drained, a proper market hall was finally built in 1885. With a pale green exterior and oddly shaped arches, the Mercado del Fontán certainly sticks out. It’s not as big as other central markets around Spain, but there’s still plenty to be had.

Stands hawking fresh fish from the Bay of Biscay, including huge bonitos, join those dedicated to meat and vegetables. One of the more popular spots offers fresh milk out of a vending machine, from a nearby farm called Los Caserinos. There’s a restaurant on the upper floor, and a few stands are dedicated entirely to Asturian products. Everything is fresh and looks delicious, making it all too easy to drop a ton of cash here.

Take a look at our pics, and try not to get hungry!

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Mercado Oviedo
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Visit the Mercado Central in Valencia

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