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Los Caserinos – Milk & Cheese Straight from the Farm

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While Jürgen’s family was visiting from Germany, we spent a day driving around the Comarca de la Sidra and ended up in a tiny town called Grases, which home to Los Caserinos: a family-owned farm that’s been making cheese and milk for nearly a century.


We took a tour of the farm and were introduced to the cows and goats which produce the Caserinos’ milk. The goats were especially cool; well over a hundred snow-white Saanen goats, who were utterly unconcerned by our presence. One of the smaller ones even tried to suck on my finger, which apparently resembles a goat tit. The tiny household sidrería was also interesting, with an apple press and antique tools used to produce the cider which is an ingredient in some of their cheeses.

The most best part of the tour, though, was hearing about the history of the farm. Our guide was the grandson of the original founder, and showed us pictures of his kids. Four generations of life among the cows and goats. His grandfather had been a casero, or caretaker, at the house of a rich family from the area; caserino is the diminutive form, and became the family’s nickname.

If you can’t make it to Grases to see the farm, you can visit Los Caserinos at their stand in the Mercado Fontán, where they have a Milk Machine: just put your bottle in the dispenser, feed the machine a Euro and get a liter of cool, fresh milk straight from the farm. And I’d be remiss not to mention the excellent cheeses they offer. Goat cheese, cow cheese, mixed, blue cheese, mixed with cider. We were able to try them all at the end of our tour, and ended up buying more than a little.

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