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Mesón Casa Pedro and the Infamous Cachopo

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After sitting down at the popular Mesón Casa Pedro on Calle Asturias, we did like everyone else and ordered the cachopo. A delicious breaded, fried “sandwich” of ham and cheese, cachopo is similar to Cordon Bleu. Just a lot bigger.

We had been told that a single cachopo was plenty for two people to share, but still: I hadn’t been expecting a portion of food roughly the size of a healthy eight-month-old baby. When our waitress lowered the plate down onto our table, a task which would have been easier using a crane, I nearly spit out my wine. I nearly asked her if she was insane.


Cachopo is a really popular dish here in Asturias. How popular? Well, there’s a website dedicated to it. In Oviedo, Casa Pedro is one of the best restaurants to try it out. Just make sure to fast for two days beforehand, and bring a friend or three.

Mesón Casa Pedro
Calle de Asturias, 39
Location on our Oviedo Map
985 243 959?

Top restaurants in Valencia

Hotels Oviedo
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September 13, 2010 at 10:12 am Comments (5)

El Yantar de Campomanes

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On a recommendation, we decided to try out the menú del día at El Yantar de Campomanes, a rustic restaurant serving up traditional Asturian fare on the southern side of the city center.

El Yantar de Campomanes

When the waiter set down my first plate, a rich garbanzo bean stew with cabbage and shrimps, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was enough to nourish Kenya for a week! Instead of presenting rational serving sizes, many restaurants in Asturias offer up an entire pot and allow you to scoop out whatever amount you’d like. It makes me wonder what’s done with the left-overs, because there are always plenty. I mean, I’m an fairly large guy and have a healthy appetite, but there’s no way I could finish even half of what they put down in front of me. And that’s just the first course!

For the second plate, I had fried conger eel and Jürgen enjoyed pig’s cheeks. Our sensible American and German palates are accustomed to hamburgers and schnitzels, so this was a very adventurous meal. But, may the lords of mundane eating forgive us, it was delicious!

El Yantar offers two huge plates along with bread, wine, dessert and coffee for a total price tag of €11. Although I never need to see another garbanzo bean in my life, we both loved this restaurant.

El Yantar de Campomanes
Calle de Campomanes, 24
Location on our Oviedo Map

We’re always looking for more tips on great spots to eat… if you know of any, make sure to clue us in!

Garbanzo Asturias
Pork Cheeks
Conger EEl
Arroz con Leche

An other great Oviedo Restaurant: Punto y Coma

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September 3, 2010 at 9:56 am Comments (3)

Restaurante Punto y Coma

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On the recommendation of one of our new Asturian Twitter friends, we chose Punto y Coma for our first big lunch in Oviedo. When we arrived at 14:30, the place was already packed and we were lucky to get a table.

The reason for the restaurant’s popularity was apparent as soon the food was brought out: our first plates were tri-color pasta salad with tuna, and a massive helping of paella. In Spain, lunches are the day’s big meal and we were used to large portions, but this exceeded expectations. Spanish lunch menus always consist of two plates, but I was already full by the time I finished the first!

Still, when my fillet of virrey arrived, served with his eye socket on the side as a macabre decoration, my hunger returned. Juergen had ordered beef, which was slow-cooked and extremely tender. If groans of pleasure are anything to go by, it must have been delicious.

Wine and bread came with the meal, and both dessert and coffee were served afterwards. All for €10 per person. That’s an incredible deal, even without taking into consideration the high quality of the food.

The menú del día changes daily, and we’ll probably be back frequently. We’d like to discover other great spots in Oviedo. If you know some, make sure to share with us, in the comments, Twitter or Facebook!

Restaurante Punto y Coma
Calle Suárez de la Riva, 5
Location on our Oviedo Map
985 202 025

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August 12, 2010 at 12:28 pm Comments (3)

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